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My logo is a circle.

Not just any circle… an enso circle. An enso circle is a zen meditative practice. It often is a start of the artistic practice to open for the creative flow. The circle can be open or closed and often represents the imperfection of us all.

My favorite aspect of the enso circle is the presence it embodies. You create it by taking a breath in and as you exhale you paint the circle in one stroke. It represents your awareness in THAT moment. It becomes a piece of you.

I share those pieces of me both on my business cards and return address labels.


I thank all of you who have shared in my art over the last 4 months, both by purchasing items and your encouraging words.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you. ❤


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It speaks to me.  Most of my card designs are based on it.  My house decor is based on it.  I love clean lines and open space.

minimal bike

That was the aim of this painting.  The beauty of bicycle lines being the focus of the piece.  A bicycle is one of those objects that can be rudimentarily drawn, and still recognizable.  I might have to leave this one hanging until I sell it…

minimal bike wall

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Under the Willow


The house I lived in when my parents brought me home from the hospital, had a huge weeping willow in the back yard.  We moved from this house before I turned 2, but it contained my earliest memory … crawling under that tree.

January is a very difficult month for me.  There are lots of memories that bubble up much more frequently than any other time of year.  Some are really, really sad and hard to think about.  Others are so sweet, like crawling in the grass, emerging out from under willow tendrils.  I’m trying to take the good ones and fly with them.  Letting them inspire me and my work.



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New Works of Love

Three new original watercolors complete.

All are the same idea. Birch trees with the word love inscribed into the bark and branches using at least 20 different languages. I used 3 colors to make each a monochrome piece, one in indigo, one in gray, and one in sepia. Each painting has it’s own unique combination of words.  They are listed on the back of the piece.

Love always has, and always will, connect us all.

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I started this endeavor of sharing my art in the darkness.  I didn’t know where it would lead me, where I was going, or how to get there.  Or even where “there” is.  Not much has really changed.

I still don’t know where there is.

I trying to figure out what direction I want to go in.

One thing I do know is that despite lots of doubt about my choices, my abilities, and my direction, I believe in me.  I believe I will do what is best for me when the time comes.  Until then, I will continue to plug away.  Painting when I have time.  Planning when I can.  Plodding along through the darkness until I find the light.

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Daily Photographer

A new year, a new 365.

Back in 2013 I attempted my first 365.  The goal was a photo a day for every day of the year.  I got 108 in and then failed.  Since then I have (almost!) completed 2 years.  In 2016 I only missed one shot, but there were also 366 days, so technically…  and I will complete 2017 in 3 days.  If you want to step up your photography, do a 365.  Every art, activity, job you do must be worked on daily, if you want to progress.

During my time doing daily photos, I have tried all kinds of themes, but every year I stop the themes because they are, at times, restricting.  However, prompts are inspiring.  They promote you to take photos you otherwise wouldn’t, as well as think outside the box.

But I need flexibility.  The reason I fell from themes was I felt tied into an idea.  Many times that idea didn’t fit into what would best remind me of that day.  For example the theme would be architecture, but one of my boys may have a concert.  The concert is what I really will and want to remember about that day.

I found a list from The Narrative Society that was ingenious.  Instead of subjects, their prompts were technique driven.  But they didn’t have an entire year’s worth of these. I decided to create my own list of prompts.  I aimed to leave it open for a variety of subject matter, but instead focused on photographic elements and techniques.  Many of the prompts will repeat throughout the year.  This was purposeful.  It will allow for progression and practice.  Doing something once hardly makes you proficient.  I also have some linked days where you pick something one day and the next day follows with one tweak.

Sign up for my newsletter and I will send you the monthly prompts about a week prior to the next month.


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Wednesday Work – Bringing In Me

As I started looking into my every day life in creating art, more and more of me is showing up. I have started including more of my own cooking creations into the photography highlighting my art on Instagram.  I also am finding my voice to talk more about my own life.

Yesterday’s post revolved around my painting of black walnuts.  I painted this with my dad in the back of my head.  They were his favorite.  Given today he would have turned 80, I was happy to imagine making him this breakfast.


I don’t know where all of this is going.  I haven’t had a clear path since I started trying to sell my art.  I don’t know how to find an audience or who is even listening, but I know it pushes me to get better.  It keeps me painting, writing and photographing everything.  I’m learning about the process and about me all along the way.