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Poetry Art


With this project I was able to combine some of my greatest passions: painting, poetry, and meditation.

Enso circles are a meditative process where one gathers the ink on the brush during the inhale and, upon exhale, paints a circle in a single stroke. It is a practice of awareness and being fully present in the here and now.

These circles were painted by hand under this practice. Each circle is painted on it’s own individual piece of 4 x 4 (in.) watercolor paper (140 lb.) with authentic sumi e ink.  They were then matted and framed in this unique 18 x 18 (in.) frame.

Inside each circle is a single word, typed on delicate Kinwashi paper. Together the words read,

“Within each breath, a deep inhale and a slow exhale, is the gift to begin again.”

I truly believe we have the ability to begin again at any moment.  Not the start of the year or a fresh new morning.  Right now, breath in and out and begin again.

Here is a video of me making sumi e ink.  It’s quite the meditative process, as well.

Sumi e ink
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Single Line Art

I have been fascinated with watching single line art.  I couldn’t help but want to try it out myself.

It fits right into my shop.  As a runner or cyclist or camper or fisherman/woman or kayaker … you feel at one with nature and your environment.  Single line art celebrates that feeling.  The runner, bike, tent, fisherman/woman, or kayak is literally one with the mountains and trees and river.

line cards

Here’s video of one being made…

Single Line Art
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Hanging Art Canvas Boards

At one of the last flea markets, I came across a man selling off his sister-in-law’s art supplies.  She was an artist and had passed suddenly.  At first I only bought the watercolor paper and a few brushes, but I took his name just in case.  A few days thinking on it, I decided if I wanted to make it, I needed to invest in me.  Part of that was investing in the supplies that I could use in experimentation.

See, I can freeze up some times.  I think about how much each piece of paper costs and I don’t want to screw it up, leaving me worried to create.  When your mind is blocked with worry, the flow is blocked too.  Investing in the canvas boards and paints this man was selling off (at a significantly cheaper price) meant I could be open to mistakes. Those mistakes allow you to be open to grow.

The first painting I did on a canvas board turned out ok, but had a lot to be desired.  And that’s ok.  I can reuse that one down the road and even if I don’t, oh well.

These lemons are the second work and I LOVE them.  They currently hang in my foyer, but are for sale in my Etsy shop.

lemons close


I thought it would helpful to share how I hung these.  I wanted to be able to hang them like you can traditional wrapped canvas, without a frame, but there is no hanging hardware on the boards to do that.  What I came up with was to glue 3 wood blocks to the back.  These can be easily found in craft and art stores.  The top two blocks will need to be glued level to each other because after the glue dries you will screw small eye hooks into the inside of the blocks.  The wire will then be strung on these eye hooks.

hang 1

The third block is glued approximately in the middle of these 2 blocks at the bottom of the canvas board.  Its purpose is only to keep the board level against the wall, as without it the bottom of the painting would lean at an angle.

hang 2

That’s it.  The hanging materials can be bought separately (eye hooks, wire, wall hanging hook…) or as a kit.  I got mine at the art store, but craft stores, home stores and hardware stores would all carry these supplies.

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too much or too little

garden gate

After some debate in my head about what I was going to do with this business of mine, I set out on some new designs.  It led me down another path.

Another idea.

This is one of my possible problems… is it worse to have too many directions or too few?

I seem to have too many.  I get ideas and flit from one thing, to the next, to the next, to the next….  I am always thinking new creative thoughts.  It seems better on the outside, right?  I know, creative blocks SUCK.  I have had them.  You feel empty as a creative who can’t seem to create.

But not having focus to follow a series or an idea all the way to the end isn’t ideal either.  I feel like I leave things sitting and don’t practice or engage with it enough to even begin to master it.

I’m not sure one is worse, but more they are equally troublesome.  A middle ground would be nice, as moderation is always the best.  At least that’s what I tell myself when I have my chocolate every night.

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Coming to the shop…

paper flower IG

These paper decoupaged flowers are made from watercolor paper and Kinwashi paper remnants.  They are decoupaged, which gives them substantial structure.  They were designed for Mother’s Day.  Within each flower are typed words for mom, “Love”, “You”, “Mom”, “You’re”, “Best”, “Happy” “Day”, “Special”.  Each is unique and can be customized.