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following my heart

Yoga and meditation have been part of my life for 25 years. There are times when I have dug deep and other times when I have walked away, but I always come back around. To celebrate all my yogi friends I have a new set of cards revolving around yoga, meditation, and chakras.

The beach is such an important part of people’s lives (at least pre-Covid) and we have added a few cards honoring that fun in the sun.

Click on any card to get to our store and see all our new additions.

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I started this endeavor of sharing my art in the darkness.  I didn’t know where it would lead me, where I was going, or how to get there.  Or even where “there” is.  Not much has really changed.

I still don’t know where there is.

I trying to figure out what direction I want to go in.

One thing I do know is that despite lots of doubt about my choices, my abilities, and my direction, I believe in me.  I believe I will do what is best for me when the time comes.  Until then, I will continue to plug away.  Painting when I have time.  Planning when I can.  Plodding along through the darkness until I find the light.

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Monday Motivation – Everyday Inspiration

This Monday’s motivation tip is easy… step back and look at your every day life.  Like the eggs you crack open every morning or the waffle iron that makes breakfast (No exaggeration, my 7 year old has waffles every day).


These are the things (or people) that are so close, we sometimes overlook them as subjects.  But we know them intimately and, often, love them more than most other people or things.  Where there is love, there is the potential for great work.  Next time you’re looking for something to draw, write about or paint… step back, look around, take notice of something you love and use every day.  It just might crack open a whole new world.

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Friday Favorites – In Print

How better to improve technique, gather inspiration, and have a finger on the pulse of the art world then indulge in a magazine subscription.  My 2 favorites are The Artist’s Magazine and Watercolor Artist.

Art Magazines

Magazines are a favorite.  I love getting new information on a monthly basis.  You always feel in the know of what’s coming.  I also love having inspiration photos in print.  I file them away and they are at my fingertips.  Granted, pintrest and pocket are my online inspiration files, but having the real thing is nice too.  Plus, who doesn’t love getting really mail?  I certainly do.  I guess that’s why I spend my days creating cards…


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Wednesday Work – First Month in a Small Art Business

Finished up my running and cycling cards this week.

working hard


My etsy shop has been up for 1 month and 1 day.  I have accumulated 75 listings in that time.  Mostly they consist of single cards, but also include card sets and original artwork.  I have had almost 200 views and 2 sales.  I know that sounds like very little, but I am happy with that.

As a small business starting from scratch – ground zero – and basically winging it, I am getting seen.  I know I am competing in a highly saturated market.  There are a million cards out there.  It’s a hard category to compete in, but I really enjoy it.  I know I am sending love out there into the world.  I am brighting people’s day and allowing them to share their love with others.  Nothing feels better than that.


For Sale

I’ve been an artist for 42 years, yet, I have never sold a thing.

In the past, art has been a hobby, a creative outlet, a therapist, a past time, access to a unique gift, a cheaper way to decorate my home…

This year all four of my boys are in school all day.  For the first time in 13 years, I have time to grow a business.  But I am muddling through this process, it’s a lot of trial and error.

This month, I opened an etsy shop and have listed my original artwork and handmade cards.  Since blogging has been a part of my life for 10 years (previously focused on family, photography and writing), it was a natural step to blog about the process.

I am fairly transparent.  I won’t hesitate to blog my mistakes, celebrate my successes, write about what worked, discuss what bombed…, and

hopefully, gain a community of artists that learn from my process and teach me along the way.