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following my heart

Yoga and meditation have been part of my life for 25 years. There are times when I have dug deep and other times when I have walked away, but I always come back around. To celebrate all my yogi friends I have a new set of cards revolving around yoga, meditation, and chakras.

The beach is such an important part of people’s lives (at least pre-Covid) and we have added a few cards honoring that fun in the sun.

Click on any card to get to our store and see all our new additions.

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new endeavors

My newest passion, addiction, and endeavor is refurbishing typewriters.  I have had a vintage typewriter for years, but I bought it already serviced.  I found a typewriter at the flea market that was such a reasonable price I decided to get it and figure out how it all worked.  And I did.  There were some problems with it that were unrepairable, at least for my current skill set, but it opened the flood gates to buying many (MANY) vintage machines and begin bringing them back to life.

I have and will continue to refurbish a bunch of these and then list them for sale in my Etsy shop.  It does take time.  It also take uninterrupted time, which is the kind of time I don’t find much of these days.

One of the machines from my personal collection that I am trying to work all the kinks out of is an Everest K3 with script typeface.  It would be considered an ultraportable and the serial number indicates that it was one of last ones produced by this manufacturer.

When it arrived it was a mess.  I will post some before and after shots of it.  The exterior hasn’t changed much, although I have throughly cleaned it.  The mechanics, however, are another story.  It had a lot of problems.  When I post the before and after shots I will list all the repairs I had to do on the machine.  I still have one nagging shift issue to resolve, but today I did some of the final touches.

The one I wanted to document was a tip I have never come across, but worked great.  The rubber or felt pieces that pad the space bar are often deteriorated on these old machines.  I decided to try using felt furniture pads cut to size (and trimmed in width) to replace these.  That worked so great.  They have a self-adhesive backing that allows for easy placement and ultimately easy replacement if they need to be changed out in the future.

razor thin felt pads

Now I just have to solve this shifting dilemma and she will be completely revived!

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Canvas Board

When I invested in my business a few months ago, I purchased a bulk of art supplies from a man liquidating his sister-in-law’s estate.  She was an artist and she had everything an artist accumulates over time: paints, brushes, paper, canvas, other mediums ….  I bought all the paper and canvas board he had along with a lot of paint and brushes.

The canvas board is a different surface to work on.  The paint sits different and reacts differently than on paper.  Despite getting these things cheaper, I still find myself, at times, scared I am going to mess up and waste my materials.

So, I thought up a solution.

I had heard about this medium by QOR called watercolor grounds, that you can coat a regular oil/acrylic canvas with and it allows you to do watercolor on it.  It is meant to mimic handmade watercolor paper in texture.  I decided I would get some and try covering a canvas board that I had already painted.


I didn’t know what was going to happen, but for a couple dollars I may be able to re-use a canvas board.  I gave it a try and it worked.

The first coat I did thin and it moved some of the paint. This made it possible to see some of the paint in the QOR watercolor grounds.  I didn’t mind the grey and yellow cast on some areas of the canvas board, but decided to see what would happen if I did a second coat.  I let the first coat dry and put on a second coat.  No color this time.

It has a rough texture that I’m excited to see what I can create on it.


I am beginning to feel like I can find ways to salvage screw ups.  That gives me the freedom to try new things, like this daisy painting

daisy IG

or the abstract at the top of this post (both for sale at the store).

Summer is a difficult time for creating, as I always have someone needing my attention.  It’s nice to feel like I can start something and if I get interrupted it won’t be a complete throw away.

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too much or too little

garden gate

After some debate in my head about what I was going to do with this business of mine, I set out on some new designs.  It led me down another path.

Another idea.

This is one of my possible problems… is it worse to have too many directions or too few?

I seem to have too many.  I get ideas and flit from one thing, to the next, to the next, to the next….  I am always thinking new creative thoughts.  It seems better on the outside, right?  I know, creative blocks SUCK.  I have had them.  You feel empty as a creative who can’t seem to create.

But not having focus to follow a series or an idea all the way to the end isn’t ideal either.  I feel like I leave things sitting and don’t practice or engage with it enough to even begin to master it.

I’m not sure one is worse, but more they are equally troublesome.  A middle ground would be nice, as moderation is always the best.  At least that’s what I tell myself when I have my chocolate every night.

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Coming to the shop…

paper flower IG

These paper decoupaged flowers are made from watercolor paper and Kinwashi paper remnants.  They are decoupaged, which gives them substantial structure.  They were designed for Mother’s Day.  Within each flower are typed words for mom, “Love”, “You”, “Mom”, “You’re”, “Best”, “Happy” “Day”, “Special”.  Each is unique and can be customized.

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To Sale or Not To Sale

Happy First Day of Spring.

The giveaway is on.  All the details are on Instagram @WaterInkAndRibbon

This giveaway is for Idaho residents only.  I felt the pull to do something for everyone who may be following me.  The first thought I had was a sale.

I wavered.  Do I run a sale?  Or not?

There is debate about whether or not to run sales in the maker and artist community.  Like most issues, I could understand both sides.  I thought I should at least try it out and see how it goes.  If it brings nothing, lesson learned.  If I do see some business, I will be considering other opportunities to run promotions.

From now until March 26, I will be offering 15% off all card sets at the etsy store. Use the code IDAHOME during checkout.

It is all a learning process.